New Fire Festival


NEW FIRE Festival is a pioneering, annual event that encourages a progressive direction towards sustainable living. It is the first of its kind and is an entity that strives to change the social narrative within the Caribbean.

In late 2018, I partnered with NEW FIRE Festival and Ayrïd Chandler (Ayrïd By Design) to assess and tighten their brand identity. First by designing a Brand Guide, and mapping how its amped design elements affect their various platforms of communication, particularly their online presence. Given that NEW FIRE’s brand recognition is already very strong, the important features that needed to be highlighted in their visuals was the balance of play and purpose. Therefore, the treatment of images and text-based information was adhered to and therefore reached the audience in a more cohesive and memorable way.

*Images of Patrons and Artistes sourced by NEW FIRE Festival.



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