New Fire Festival ~ LookBook


For the first time in five years, an editorial publication was curated to give patrons an insight to the NEW FIRE Festival style. The reader sifts through a day into night collection with an array of locally designed pieces (that will be at the festival) paired with Original NFF 2019 Merch. This keepsake serves as a guide as well as a form of encouragement to current and future Festival patrons to incorporate their own finesse to their NEW FIRE Festival experience.

The images as well as the design of the Look Book needed to reflect NEW FIRE Festival as a brand, while relate to the established “look” of fashion editorials. The existing colour scheme and select typefaces were adhered with attention to negative space; abandoned rules to a “perfect grid” as some of the images bleed from one page to another; and the addition of little details to enhance the relationship of each page— particularly within a spread.

Art Direction + Look Book Design: Zarna Hart

Photographer: Shannon Britto Photography

Stylist: Safia.Elena

Merch Coordinator: Alex Hospedales

Artisanal Market Lead: Ain Earle / The Fashion Arch TT



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