Photo Credit : Jeremy Brewster (2019)

Photo Credit : Jeremy Brewster (2019)

Zarna is…

In her own words, a designer, driven to learn and make her mark in the Art & Design world. To those who know her, Zarna is a powerhouse that produces memorable, visual work: tailored specifically to each client that she meets.  

In 2014, Zarna was awarded a merit-based scholarship to study Graphic Communication at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales, and thereafter, graduated in 2017 with a Bachelor (with Honours). 

Additionally, in 2015, she spent a year in Berlin, Germany for an Erasmus Exchange at the University of Applied Sciences, studying Visual Communication. 

During her time studying, Zarna participated in the D&AD Festival, London (2017), which celebrates the worlds’ best in design and advertising, as well as Penguin Random House’s annual Student Design competition (2017).

At present, she continues to hone her skills at Designer Island and working independently as a Visual Artist (ZH). Her skills span many facets of visual content such as branding, infographics, editorial, digital, to name a few. 

Zarna sheds her skin, takes risks, and bares no fear in experimenting. As a result, it is within her esteemed interest to affect change in the way design is seen and treated wherever she is based.

“Doing the work is important, but its memorability makes it all the more worthwhile. I want what I do to give reason and purpose to how we live and who we become. Ultimately, I want to disrupt the things that we are afraid to change.” 

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